Colorado Care Partners (CCP) offers all member practices access to our Quality team to assist with:

Population Health Pharmacist

  • Develop medication adherence program to reach quality targets
  • Provide pharmacy related support to practices
  • Act as liaison between payer pharmacy programs and clinical setting/patients
  • Share pharmacy-specific educational information and programming

Medical Risk Adjustment Program Manager

  • Develop education to support documentation and coding accuracy
  • Provide on-site chart reviews for coding specificity opportunities
  • Support Population Health initiatives driving value-based care outcomes
  • Liaise with payer partners for data/analytic support and analysis

Population Health Navigation (PHN)

  • Facilitate practice-based quality improvement
  • Provide performance measurement and analysis
  • Support evidence-based clinical workflows
  • Deliver valuable resources to practices i.e. access to toolkits, CORHIO, BH integration

Care Navigation (CN)

  • Identify patients in these groups; due/overdue for preventative screenings, chronic conditions, high-risk based on utilization or diagnoses
  • Confirm gap closures to ensure quality targets are met
  • Implement outreach for specific initiatives such as; health fairs, medication adherence, scheduling annual visits
  • Engage with patients with clinical, behavioral health, and social needs