Why join Colorado Care Partners?

Colorado Care Partners is physician-led both in board leadership and in day-to-day network operations.

As a local, niche managed-care organization, we meet our practices where they are and trust each location to operate in their own way. It’s truly a partnership.

Our data-aggregation, care-coordination and practice transformation teams work with that individual practice- without rigid, top-down requirements. We have the negotiating power of a network of 200+ providers, backed by HealthONE, and the flexibility to support independent providers across the patient age range, regardless of practice size.

By becoming a partner, you gain access to new resources and tools that can allow for greater outcomes in your practice, contributing to overall patient care.

Provider Benefits

  • Community of fellow providers to share ideas, resources and challenges
  • Timely education on changes in clinical and reimbursement policies
  • Feedback on your clinical outcomes and coaching support to further improve

Patient Benefits

  • Feel your best by finding providers who value quality health outcomes
  • Know that you’re getting the best-value for your healthcare spending

Practice Benefits

  • Increased revenues through per member per month payments
  • Decreased costs by optimizing and coordinating care services
  • Coaching and training on best office workflows, optimal coding accuracy, and pharmacy guidance to improve daily operations and workforce satisfaction

Ready to learn more?

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